Korean Peninsula

A geopolitical hotspot. A dynamic democracy. A divided nation. A leading economy. A cultural exporter. Understanding Korea in the 21st century is relevant for the world beyond the clichés.

Based in Stockholm, ISDP’s Korea Center aspires to be a hub for research, discussion, and exchange contributing to peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. With the premise that engagement and communication is an imperative part of building mutual trust and understanding, the Center seeks to foster constructive dialogue between key parties on how to sustain peace.

A secondary focus of the Center is to promote cooperation and understanding between the Nordic countries and South Korea. As one of Asia’s most important democracies and economies, its domestic developments and challenges are nevertheless often overshadowed in the media and public opinion by the nuclear crisis. Moreover, there is growing interest within the country in the “Nordic model” in regard to social welfare, sustainability, governance, and gender equality.

To achieve its goals, the Center publishes regular analysis and opinion, hosts guest researchers from the Koreas, as well as organizes seminars and forums. In so doing, it seeks to be a bridge between academic and policy communities in Northern Europe and Korea.

The Center would like to acknowledge the generous support of the Korea Foundation.

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