The Stockholm China Center (SCC / 斯德哥尔摩中国中心) at the Institute for Security and Development Policy (ISDP) is a platform designed to facilitate an avenue for better Sino-European mutual understanding and cooperation. The Center builds on ISDP’s unique network of partners within the Chinese Communist Party, military and civil society, as well as comprehensive in-house expertise on China affairs. The Center’s specialists frequently publish in ISDP’s publication series, and are active contributors to debates on China policy through platforms worldwide.

The overall objective of the China Center is to serve as a hub for research, analysis, and dialogue on China-related security and development issues by utilizing its extensive in-country network. In particular, it aims to create a channel for information exchange between China, its neighbors, and the West, whereby SCC activities contribute to benefiting mutual understanding between parties.

Annual Joint Conference with the PLA Academy of Military Science

Since 2008, ISDP has jointly organized an international conference together with its partners at the PLA Academy of Military Science. These conferences, alternately hosted in both Stockholm and China, have proven a crucial platform for high-level exchange and deliberation between Chinese and European policy officials. Follow the link for more information. 

International Delegations

The Stockholm China Center aims to serve as a nexus of academic reflection and international dialogue. In collaboration with its China-based partners, ISDP hosts a number of high-level Chinese delegations at the Institute’s Stockholm headquarters every year. Drawing on ISDP’s extensive local network, delegations have the opportunity to engage in exchanges with Sweden and Europe-based actors throughout governmental, academic and private sectors. In return, ISDP dispatches regular delegations to China for discussions on topics of mutual interest.

Guest researcher program

The Stockholm China Center runs a guest researcher program which hosts scholars from Chinese partner institutes at ISDP’s Stockholm headquarters. During their stay in Sweden, visiting scholars complete at least one paper for dissemination in ISDP’s publication formats. Additionally, the result of their work is presented through lectures and seminars. As part of their time at the Institute, guest researchers interact with Sweden’s wider research and policy community, thus providing a crucial channel through which to improve mutual understanding.

In-house research

ISDP’s experts, consisting of staff and an extensive network of associated fellows engage in a wide range of research projects set within the SCC. Result of their work is published in a range of media, including ISDP’s domestic formats.

Key areas of research pursued of the SCC include:

Stockholm China Center Partnerships

Engagements of the Stockholm China Center are based around a series of partnerships with official research institutions in the People’s Republic of China. Follow the link for a full list: Stockholm China Center Partnerships.

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