South Asia

South Asia is a complex and diverse region, with the potential to play a significant role in poverty reduction globally in the coming years. The region has experienced a long period of robust economic growth, averaging 6 percent annually for the past 20 years, yet is still home to more than 44 percent of the developing world’s poor. Such rates of economic growth and poverty pose particular challenges for maintaining peace and security, and for achieving broad-based and inclusive development results. South Asia is still struggling with well known issues of corruption, poor governance, poverty and weak judicial systems, all of which are contributing to instability in the region. Addressing these issues will be crucial since South Asia will play an important role in the global development story as it takes its place in the Asian Century.

The activities related to the region is designed to build on the institute’s knowledge and experience in Asia by focusing on development and security issues in South Asia, with a special focus on India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Publications on South Asia

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