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Sangsoo Lee: "Nuclear Safety Cooperation in Northeast Asia", 2015. Eppen Webpage Link
Humaira Israr: "Curbing Militancy: Regulating Pakistan's Madrassas", 2015. 184 Electronic Paper Link
Gareth Jenkins: "Erdoğan’s War: The Causes and Consequences of the Upsurge in Kurdish Violence", 2015. Turkey Analyst Webpage Link
Elliot Brennan: "Bangkok blast: A look at the main suspects", 2015. The Lowy Interpreter Webpage Link
Sudha Ramachandran: "China pushes Pakistan to fight terrorism selectively", 2015. CACI Analyst Webpage Link
Richard Weitz: "Iran and the SCO: new opportunities, new challenges", 2015. CACI Analyst Webpage Link
Bert Edström: "The forgotten success story: Japan and the methamphetamine problem", 2015. Japan Forum Webpage Link
Eduard Abrahamyan: "The fading illusion of Armenia-NATO relations", 2015. CACI Analyst Webpage Link
George Tsereteli : "Russia's warfare strategy and borderization in Georgia", 2015. CACI Analyst Webpage Link
Hay Eytan Cohen Yanarocak: "Turkey and China: Merging Realpolitik with Idealism", 2015. Turkey Analyst Webpage Link
Eka Janashia: "Moscow continues "creeping annexation" of Georgian territory", 2015. CACI Analyst Webpage Link
Farkhod Tolipov: "Uzbekistan concerned over SCO expansion", 2015. CACI Analyst Webpage Link
Halil M. Karaveli: "The Case for a Coalition with the CHP: the AKP Needs to Refurbish Its Image in the West", 2015. Turkey Analyst Webpage Link
Toni Alaranta: "Turkey Is Not Going to Be “Normalized” Under the AKP’s leadership", 2015. Turkey Analyst Webpage Link
Bernt Berger: "China's New National Security Law", 2015. The Lowy Interpreter Webpage Link
Elliot Brennan: "China’s Strengthening Position on Rare Earths", 2015. The Diplomat Webpage Link
Bernt Berger: "Sanctions against North Korea: a tricky dilemma", 2015. Brief Issue Webpage Link
Tomáš Baranec: "Is the North Caucasus becoming another battlefield in the global jihad?", 2015. CACI Analyst Webpage Link
Charlie Smith: "Islamic State in Central Asia: threat or opportunity", 2015. CACI Analyst Webpage Link
Micha’el Tanchum: "AGRI's progress advances Brussels' and Baku's energy agendas", 2015. CACI Analyst Webpage Link
George Voloshin: "The Uzbek-Tajik détente: can it last?", 2015. CACI Analyst Webpage Link
Dai Yonghong Wang Jianping: "Suu Kyi visit demonstrates changing China–Myanmar relations", 2015. East Asia Forum Webpage Link
Ba Hamzah: "Averting Crisis in the Spratlys: Towards a Regional Naval Forum", 2015. 183 Electronic Paper Link
Ozan Serdaroğlu: "Turkey Loses Ground in Cyprus", 2015. Turkey Analyst Webpage Link
Gareth Jenkins: "Turkey’s Kurds and the Post-election Political Landscape", 2015. Turkey Analyst Webpage Link
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Books & Monographs

Niklas Swanström
Central Asia and China’s security policy
BOOK CHAPTER, in Routledge Handbook of Chinese Security, Chapter 15, June 2015, pp. 229-240
S. Frederick Starr, Svante Cornell, editors
Putin's Grand Strategy: The Eurasian Union and Its Discontents
BOOK, September 18, 2014, pp. 203 Webpage Link

Policy Papers

Robert Nilsson, Walter Kegö
The Impact of Drugs Trafficking, Corruption and Organized Crime
POLICY PAPER, June 2009 Webpage Link
Walter Kegö, Klas Kärrstrand, Klas Marklund
Countering Narcotics Smuggling in Europe's Eastern Neighborhood
POLICY PAPER 2009, pp. 34 Webpage Link

Policy Briefs

Humaira Israr
Curbing Militancy: Regulating Pakistan's Madrassas
POLICY BRIEF, No. 184, August 20, 2015 Webpage Link
Ba Hamzah
Averting Crisis in the Spratlys: Towards a Regional Naval Forum
POLICY BRIEF, No. 183, July 01, 2015 Webpage Link
Quansheng Zhao
U.S.-China "Dual Leadership": The Rise of a New Balance of Power in East Asia?
POLICY BRIEF, No. 182, June 24, 2015 Webpage Link
Elliot Brennan, Christopher O'Hara
The Rohingya and Islamic Extremism: a Convenient Myth
POLICY BRIEF, No. 181, June 15, 2015 Webpage Link

Asia Papers

Park Chang-kwoun
Rethinking North Korea's Denuclearization: Approaches and Strategies
ASIA PAPER, June 04, 2015, pp. 61 Webpage Link
Wu Xin
The PLA’s Evolving Global Role and New Security Initiatives
ASIA PAPER, March 25, 2015, pp. 27 Webpage Link
Wang Shumei
The PLA and Student Recruits: Reforming China's Conscription System
ASIA PAPER, January 26, 2015, pp. 21 Webpage Link
Dai Yonghong, Liu Hongchao
Rivalry and Cooperation: A New "Great Game" in Myanmar
ASIA PAPER, December 12, 2014, pp. 34 Webpage Link

Silk Road Papers

Johanna Popjanevski
Retribution and the Rule of Law: The Politics of Justice in Georgia
SILK ROAD PAPER, June 11, 2015, pp. 54 Webpage Link
Svante E. Cornell, S. Frederick Starr, Mamuka Tsereteli
A Western Strategy for the South Caucasus
SILK ROAD PAPER, February 12, 2015, pp. 62 Webpage Link
S. Frederick Starr, Bulat Sultanov, S. Enders Wimbush, Fatima Kukeyeva, Svante E. Cornell, Askar Nursha
Looking Forward: Kazakhstan and the United States
SILK ROAD PAPER, September 2014, pp. 52 Webpage Link

Stockholm Papers

Jan Rudengren, Lars Rylander, Claudia Casanova
It's Democracy, Stupid: Reappraising the Middle-Income Trap
STOCKHOLM PAPER, May 2014, pp. 32 Webpage Link
Sergei Vinogradov, Patricia Wouters
Sino-Russian Transboundary Waters: A Legal Perspective on Cooperation
STOCKHOLM PAPER, December 2013, pp. 95 Webpage Link
Robert Bedeski
Reinventing Human Security: Lessons from Chinggis Khan's Biography
STOCKHOLM PAPER, August 2013, pp. 42 Webpage Link
Walter Kegö, Alexander Georgieff
The Threat of Russian Criminal Money: Reassessing EU Anti-Money Laundering Policy
STOCKHOLM PAPER, June 2013, pp. 65 Webpage Link

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