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The Turkey Initiative of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Joint Center was launched in 2006. The main aim of the Initiative is to function as a nexus for expertise, knowledge and information on Turkish politics, society, and foreign relations.

Geopolitical developments in the Middle East and the Black Sea region, Turkey's bid for EU membership, and the evolution of Turkey's experiment in democratic politics in a Muslim society all make Turkey a crucial country to both Europe and the United States, as well as to the region in which it is located. However, Turkey is generally treated peripherally within academic as well as bureaucratic institutions - on the edge of either Europe or Asia - but it is seldom taken as a focal point.


The Turkey Analyst

The main outlet of the Turkey Initiative is the Turkey Analyst edited by Halil M. Karaveli. The Turkey Analyst is a publication of the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Joint Center, designed to bring authoritative analysis and news on the rapidly developing domestic and foreign policy issues in Turkey. It is published bi-weekly, and includes summaries of selected commentaries in the Turkish media


Visit the Turkey Analyst webpage.



Svante E. Cornell, Director
Halil M. Karaveli, Senior Fellow and Managing Editor
Gareth H. Jenkins, Non-resident Senior Fellow


Publications on Turkey

Halil M. Karaveli
Erdogan's Achilles' Heel
ARTICLE, Foreign Affairs, August 08, 2014 Webpage Link
Blaise Misztal, Halil M. Karaveli, Svante E. Cornell
Foreign Policy Reset Unlikely Under President Erdogan
COMMENTARY, The American Interest, August 07, 2014 Webpage Link
Halil Karaveli, Aliza Marcus
Turkey: Return of the Generals
COMMENTARY, The National Interest, May 13, 2014 Webpage Link
Halil Karaveli
Cold Turkey - Reforming Ankara from the Outside In
JOURNAL ARTICLE, Foreign Affairs, April 23, 2014 Webpage Link
Halil M. Karaveli
Trial By Twitter
JOURNAL ARTICLE, Foreign Affairs, March 25, 2014 Webpage Link
Svante E Cornell
Erdoğan's Looming Downfall
JOURNAL ARTICLE, Middle East Quarterly, Volume 21, No. 02, March 05, 2014 Webpage Link
Ozan Serdaroglu
Desecuritizing the Kurdish Question and Emerging Regional Dynamics
POLICY BRIEF, No. 145, February 21, 2014 Webpage Link
Halil Karaveli
Erdogan Loses It
ARTICLE, Foreign Affairs, February 09, 2014 Webpage Link
Ozan Serdaroglu
New Juncture in EU-Turkey Relations?
POLICY BRIEF, No. 136, October 28, 2013 Webpage Link
Halil M. Karaveli
Erdogan Stokes the Sectarian Fires
ARTICLE, New York Times, October 07, 2013 Webpage Link
Ozan Serdaroglu
Politics worsen Turkey's faultlines
COMMENTARY, Asia Times Online, September 16, 2013 Webpage Link
Ozan Serdaroglu
Crystallizing Faultlines: Turkey's Democratic Durability At Risk
POLICY BRIEF, No. 129, August 28, 2013 Webpage Link
Halil Karaveli
Turkey, the Unhelpful Ally
OP-ED, The New York Times, February 27, 2013 Webpage Link
Gareth H. Jenkins
Occasional Allies, Enduring Rivals: Turkey’s Relations with Iran
SILK ROAD PAPER, May 2012, pp. 76 Webpage Link
Halil M. Karaveli
Seeking To Redesign Turkey, The AKP Resurrects State Tutelage
ANALYSIS, Turkey Analyst, Volume 4, No. 1, January 10, 2011
Halil M. Karaveli
After Military Tutelage: What Will The Emerging Turkey Look Like?
ANALYSIS, Turkey Analyst, Volume 3, No. 22, December 20, 2010
Halil M. Karaveli
Reconciling Statism with Freedom: Turkey’s Kurdish Opening
SILK ROAD PAPER, October 2010, pp. 93 Webpage Link
Svante Cornell
Implications of the Failed Turkish-Armenian Normalization Process
ANALYSIS, Turkey Analyst, Volume 3, No. 5, March 15, 2010 Webpage Link
Halil Karaveli
Will the Reversal of the Regime of Military Tutelage Encourage a Reinvention of Turkey’s Secular Camp?
ANALYSIS, Turkey Analyst, Volume 3, No. 4, March 01, 2010 Webpage Link

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