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China's Military Transformation PDF Print Email
China Initiative - Projects

The rapid rise of China as a political and economic power with significant and growing global influence has major implications not only for Northeast Asia but the world at large. The international community welcomes the rise of a stable and prosperous China, able to take on a leadership role in Asia for the stability of regional peace and security. China has played a proactive role in fostering security ties with a number of Asian countries in recent years as well as investing in multilateral institutions. However, uncertainty surrounds China's continued expansion and transformation of its military forces.

Domestic Development PDF Print Email
China Initiative - Projects

During the past decade, China's economic growth has averaged 8-9 per cent a year and has witnessed extensive economic expansion with massive foreign investment. Even during the current global downturn, China has been the primary driver behind recovering of global economy. China has set itself the target of-according to its long-term social and economic development plan-achieving by 2020 a fourfold growth in GDP compared to that in 2000. Despite this goal, there are several reasons for concern in domestic contexts, the reason being that there are a number of risks and uncertainties that threaten to undermine the sustainability of China's domestic development, such as an environmental problem, rise in energy demands and the massive unemployed population. What is more, rebalancing growth between urban and rural areas, between rich and poor people and between ethnic majority and minority will depress domestic demand and could feed social instability.

Sino-Japanese Relations PDF Print Email
China Initiative - Projects

Throughout history, the relationship between China and Japan has more often than not been marked by mistrust and animosity, or even violent conflict. Despite three decades of normalized bilateral relations, several past and present issues serve to complicate the relation between the two states. Since a positive and functioning relationship between China and Japan, the two great powers in Northeast Asia, in many ways is a prerequisite for peace and stability in the region, a souring bilateral relationship is not only problematic for the states involved, but has implications for neighboring states and the international community at large. Against this background, it has become increasingly important to understand, identify and implement measures that can prevent and manage conflicts and disputes between these two states.

Cross-Strait Relations PDF Print Email
China Initiative - Projects

A potential conflict in the Taiwan Strait could serve to critically undermine the stability of the region. The People´s Republic of China approximately has 900 to 1,000 missiles on alert within striking distance of Taiwan. Taiwan has continued its military build-up against China's military threat and request US arms sale to Taiwan.

Sino-European Relations PDF Print Email
China Initiative - Projects

Both past and presently, Sino-European relations have been secondary to both actors and the US has had primacy in both respective foreign policies. This has created a situation where both the Chinese and Europeans exhibit a serious lack of understanding of one another, which is the root cause of many misunderstandings. The most important and dangerous symptom of this dysfunctional relationship is suspicion, because suspicion breeds mistrust. This is a curious observation considering interaction and trade between the two actors has increased, whilst trust has decreased and has arguably never been lower. This is despite an increased need and interest to cooperate on areas ranging from social and welfare issues to the combating of piracy and peacekeeping. There have been a number of high-level Sino-European meetings but these have not evidenced the progress needed.

Sino-Russian Relations PDF Print Email
China Initiative - Projects

This project aims to bring together scholars specializing on Sino-Russian relations to address the current status of Sino-Russian relations in the political, military, energy and trade sectors. We aim at producing a comprehensive account on the current status of relations between Russia and China in the sectors outlined above and the geo-political realignments that have occurred in Eurasia in the last 2-3 years. This will be done by exploring overlapping interests and tensions between these two states. Apart from the purely bilateral relations, a focus will be on Central Asia as the region is a major determinant of contemporary Sino-Russian relations.


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