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Elliot Brennan
China's Dangerous $5 Trillion Dollar Bet: A South China Sea ADIZ?
ARTICLE, The National Interest, May 14, 2015 Webpage Link
Dai Yonghong
China-India Energy Cooperation: A Perspective of Geo-politics and Geo-economics
ARTICLE, China-India Brief, No. 50, May 01, 2015 Webpage Link
Bruce Klingner
Why South Korea Needs THAAD Missile Defense
POLICY BRIEF, No. 175, April 21, 2015 Webpage Link
Ramses Amer, Li Jianwei
Beijing, Hanoi should look beyond disputes
ARTICLE, China Daily, April 09, 2015 Webpage Link
Sangsoo Lee
Breaking the Deadlock: Security Building on the Korean Peninsula
POLICY BRIEF, No. 174, April 01, 2015 Webpage Link
Ramses Amer
Conflicting Views on Global Governance between China and the U.S.
COMMENTARY, China-US Focus, March 30, 2015 Webpage Link
Wu Xin
The PLA’s Evolving Global Role and New Security Initiatives
ASIA PAPER, March 25, 2015, pp. 27 Webpage Link
Dai Yonghong
China and Myanmar: When neighbours become good friends
COMMENTARY, East Asia Forum, March 06, 2015 Webpage Link
Ramses Amer
Dispute Management in the South China Sea
REPORT, NISCSS Report, No. 1, March 06, 2015 Webpage Link
Bernt Berger
China's Myanmar Policy: Dilemma or Strategic Ambiguity?
POLICY BRIEF, No. 171, March 02, 2015 Webpage Link
Dai Yonghong, Qin Yonghong
Construction and Operation of China-Myanmar Oil & Gas Pipeline: A Geopolitical-economic Analysis
JOURNAL ARTICLE, South Asian Studies Quarterly, No. 1, March 2015 Webpage Link
Bernt Berger
Is Beijing supporting rebel groups in Myanmar?
COMMENTARY, The Lowy Interpreter, February 24, 2015 Webpage Link
Ramses Amer, Li Jianwei
China and Vietnam Require More Meaningful Efforts to Manage Disputes
COMMENTARY, China US Focus, February 12, 2015 Webpage Link
Elliot Brennan
Thailand is stuck in a US-China tug of war
ARTICLE, China Spectator, February 11, 2015 Webpage Link
Wang Shumei
The PLA and Student Recruits: Reforming China's Conscription System
ASIA PAPER, January 26, 2015, pp. 21 Webpage Link
Bernt Berger
China's ‘Non-Policy’ for Afghanistan
BOOK CHAPTER, in The EU–China Relationship: European Perspectives - A Manual for Policy Makers, January 2015 Webpage Link
Ramses Amer
Vietnam's Proactive Foreign Relations
POLICY BRIEF, No. 167, December 15, 2014 Webpage Link
Dai Yonghong, Liu Hongchao
Rivalry and Cooperation: A New "Great Game" in Myanmar
ASIA PAPER, December 12, 2014, pp. 34 Webpage Link
Bernt Berger
The Limits of Russia's "Pivot to Asia"
POLICY BRIEF, No. 166, December 05, 2014 Webpage Link
Dai Yonghong , Qin Yonghong
Sino-Pakistan Energy Corridor: Geopolitical and Geo-economic Thoughts
JOURNAL ARTICLE, South Asian Studies Quarterly , No. 4, December 2014 Webpage Link

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