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ISDP has an extremely active China program, which is based around partnerships with official Chinese research institutes.  ISDP's key research partners in China are:

  • The PLA Academy of Military Science (军事科学研究院), China's premier military higher educational institute and think tank, in the Fragrant Hills region of Beijing
  • The China Institutes for Contemporary International Relations (中国现代国际关系研究院), a government-sponsored international relations think tank
  • China Foreign Affairs University (外交学院), which educates the rising generation of Chinese diplomats and is a major research center for the study of international relations

ISDP runs a guest researcher program to host scholars from these institutes in Stockholm for periods of up to three months. During their time in Sweden, the guest researchers complete a research paper for publication in the ISDP Asia Papers series and make a public presentation at the ISDP Asia Forum series of talks, which are open to the public. Guest researchers also interact with the larger research and policy community in Sweden.

ISDP receives a number of high-level delegations from China in Stockholm each year. Noteworthy visitors from the PLA have included Lieutenant General Liu Yuan 刘源 (the then Political Commissar of AMS) and Air Force General Liu Chengjun 刘成军 (the current president of AMS). Each year ISDP also sends several delegations to China for discussions of topics of mutual interest with our partner institutions.  

Annual Joint Conference with the PLA Academy of Military Science

ISDP has held an international conference in cooperation with the PLA Academy of Military Science each year since 2008. The seventh annual conference will be held in Stockholm in the fall of 2014 (topic to be decided). To date, the following topics have been covered (please click on titles for links to conference proceedings):


The current key areas of research in ISDP's China Initiative are:

  • China's military modernization
  • Cross-strait relations
  • Sino-European relations
  • Sino-Japanese relations
  • Sino-Russian relations
  • China's domestic development

Completed projects

  • Management of Ethnic Relations and Conflict in Western China: Past and Present (Xiaolin Guo and Michael Schoenhals) 

Primary Researchers


Publications on China

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