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Bert Edström

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Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Bert Edström is a Senior Research Fellow at the Asia Program at ISDP. His main areas of expertise are Japanese foreign and security policy and Japanese domestic politics.

Dr. Edström has a Ph.D. in Japanese Studies from Stockholm University (1988), an M.S.Sc (1974) and B.A. (1971) from the same university. His dissertation dealt with national role conceptions ascribed to Japan nationally and internationally.

Dr. Edström worked as an administrator and researcher at Stockholm University. With Torbjörn Lodén he initiated the East Asian Area Studies Program at Stockholm University and served as the first Director of the Program. He later served as Director of the Center for Pacific Asia Studies 1989-92 at the same university. In 2000 he left the university and established a consulting company but continued research part time as a Senior Research Fellow at Göteborg University.

Dr. Edström is the author of books on Japan's foreign policy and has published extensively on Swedish-Japanese relations. He has also written numerous articles and research reports on security policy issues and modern Japanese history.




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Japanese Foreign and Security Policy
Japanese Politics



Asia Papers

Park Chang-kwoun
Rethinking North Korea's Denuclearization: Approaches and Strategies
ASIA PAPER, June 04, 2015, pp. 61 Webpage Link
Wu Xin
The PLA’s Evolving Global Role and New Security Initiatives
ASIA PAPER, March 25, 2015, pp. 27 Webpage Link
Wang Shumei
The PLA and Student Recruits: Reforming China's Conscription System
ASIA PAPER, January 26, 2015, pp. 21 Webpage Link
Dai Yonghong, Liu Hongchao
Rivalry and Cooperation: A New "Great Game" in Myanmar
ASIA PAPER, December 12, 2014, pp. 34 Webpage Link

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