Despite rapid progress on the reduction of poverty, particularly in China and India, the Asia Pacific region is still home to two-thirds of the developing world’s poor. Development invariably means change, and that involves compromises between traditional and contemporary ideas. Therefore, achieving positive and broad-based development results in any country involves a slow process of social change that is both multi-faceted and multi-dimensional. The world is changing rapidly with increasing trends of urbanization, aging populations, a changing international political and economic order and globalization amongst many other transformative processes.

ISDP assists partners to access knowledge, resources and experience in order to strengthen their development plans and policies so as to improve the lives of their people. As such, ISDP is engaged in research on development issues (poverty, human rights and internally displaced people), government-to-government policy dialogue, holds and organizes capacity building programs for key sectors (such as land reform, crisis prevention and recovery, resource and agricultural development) within developing countries, acts as a hub for South-South and North-South dialogue on development issues and enables inter-cultural exchanges to promote change.

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Myanmar is an area of interest in international relations to both academic and policy circles. Recent developments in the country and the positive reactions by the international community allow for cautious optimism. Of many questions begging for answers at the moment, the most important concern is the role of the military in the political transition, competition for power among alternative political forces inside the country, the extent of participation in the political process by the country's population at large and the recent ceasefire agreements between the government and the various ethnic insurgent groups. Recognizing these questions and realising that a lack of understanding has, in the past, hindered policymaking toward Myanmar, ISDP is intensifying its efforts in research and engagement with various stakeholders to assist the on-going policy review process and whatever is to follow. ISDP is also focusing on development issues in Myanmar, with a focus on economic engagement and fiscal policy.


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