Halil M. Karaveli

Senior Research Fellow

Halil M. Karaveli is a Senior Fellow with the Turkey Initiative at the Central Asia-Caucasus Institute & Silk Road Studies Program Joint Center and managing editor of its publication The Turkey Analyst.

From 1991 to 2007, Mr. Karaveli served as an editorial writer at the Swedish daily Östgöta Correspondenten. His publications include Turkiet - en nygammal stormakt? [Turkey - a reborn great power?] (Swedish Institute of International affairs, 1993) and Landet mellan öst och väst - en historisk-politisk översikt [The country between East and West - a historical and political overview], in Turkiet - Bro eller barriär mellan Europa och Asien [Turkey - Bridge or Barrier between Europe and Asia] (1997), Prospects for a "Torn" Turkey: A Secular and Unitary Future? (2008), co-authored with Svante E. Cornell, and Reconciling Statism with Freedom - Turkey's Kurdish Opening (2010).

Mr. Karaveli's recent research has been focused on the impasse of Kemalism and on the reconciliation of the Turkish state tradition with societal freedom.

Mr. Karaveli holds a B.Sc. in Political science from the University of Gothenburg.


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